1. The smart hybrid cable: connecting the world, today and in the future

    The smart hybrid cable: connecting the world, today and in the future

    Prysmian Group, the world leader in the production of power and telecommunications cables, presents its new smart cable with a hybrid design. The design of the hybrid cable includes both power conductors and BendBrightXS bend-insensitive optical fibers. This allows the installation and access of electricity and data transmission simultaneously using a single cable.

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  2. Preparing the networks of the future


    In recent years the telecommunications world seems to be stricken by an innumerable quantity of marketing messages about data flows, speed, bandwidth and the promises of new applications and technologies which will ensure a marvelous and brilliant future for all of humankind…

    But while common people stand watching astonished and hopeful to get there as soon as possible, the telecommunications industry struggles to identify the r

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  3. How COVID-19 evolves the telecommunications industry


    The COVID-19 outbreak is causing surge of bandwidth demand due to sudden explosion in remote working and remote studying. Service providers were largely well equipped to meet the 30% - 40% increase in bandwidth demand on their network (1), and the planned capacity increases for an entire year were reached during the height of the pandemic. The “pandemic bandwidth” increases 47% in the first quarter of 2020 (2)

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